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Tremors from Iran earthquake felt in UAE

Strong earthquake in Iran sends mild shock waves to some areas in the UAE

Iranian Red Crescent rescue workers
Image Credit: AFP
Iranian Red Crescent rescue workers search through rubble in the Iranian village of Chah Ghanbar after an earthquake struck southeastern Iran.

Dubai: The Dubai Seismic Network at Dubai Municipality has recorded tremors in Southeast Iran and North-west Dubai and 520km off Dubai.

The network said it recorded a series of earthquakes at 10.42pm on Monday, measuring a magnitude of 6.3 degrees on the Richter scale where the population of Dubai and different parts of the UAE did not feel the quake because its epicentre was far.

Engineer Yousuf Hussain Al Salman, acting Director of the Dubai Municipality's Survey Department, said the main earthquake was recorded clearly on Monday night.


"We currently monitor some aftershocks of this quake and closely follow this regional seismic activity," he said.

Meanwhile, the UAE National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology, said its National Seismological Stations Network has recorded a series of earthquakes starting at the 10.42pm, on Monday night, measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale in the region of Kerman, south-east Iran, 420km from Ras Al Khaimah and at a depth of about 6 km.

The centre, in a statement, added that some residents of high-rise towers in Sharjah and in the northern areas felt the main quake.

"Ten other earthquakes in the same area were recorded. The strongest was of 5.7," the centre said.

Ameet M, a Gulf News reader living in Sharjah, said the shocks were felt by people in the city.


"I felt the tremors," he said. Ameet lives on the 10th floor of a residential building. He said he clearly felt the jolts.

Gilbert Munnich, another resident of Sharjah, said he lives in a tower building and felt mild aftershocks at around 11pm.

The high intensity earthquake sent mild shock waves to some coastal areas of the emirate.

Abdullah Kareem, a resident of Dubai, said he also felt tremors but they were very feeble.

— With inputs from Aftab Kazmi, Al Ain Bureau Chief



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