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Authorities to soon set plumbing codes to plug water wastage

Taps and showers in new buildings will use '1 gallon per minute'.

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Abu Dhabi: The UAE authorities will soon put an end to wastage of water by establishing first-ever plumbing codes that will save up to 1.5 gallons of water per minute from a single tap, Gulf News has learnt.

UAE residents have the highest per capita water consumption rates in the world at 550 litres per day.

Each time a tap or shower is turned on, 2.5 gallons of water gushes out per minute. But is all that water actually needed?

"Taps and showers in new buildings in the capital will use 1 gallon of water per minute once the new codes come into effect", Dr Mohammad Dawoud, manager of the Natural Resources Policy Department at the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi (EAD) told Gulf News.

The codes are part of a comprehensive document called "Abu Dhabi Water Master Plan" which elaborates measures to reduce water consumption.

The draft of the master plan, being chalked out with the participation of several stakeholders, including the EAD, is due to be unveiled next week. The draft will be submitted to the executive council for its approval. A decree is expected to follow, which will enforce plumbing codes that builders and developers will have to comply with.

"It is estimated that 20 per cent of water is being lost currently due to leakage from taps and faulty plumbing systems. The aim is to prevent this from happening", said Dr Dawoud.

"The new codes and regulations in the plan are expected to play a significant role in cutting down water usage", he noted. "The plumbing codes are just one part of the plan. It details specifications for installing and laying out water networks.

However, the new regulations will only be applied to new buildings and existing buildings would be left as it is.