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Abu Dhabi Municipality runs campaign against washing cars in front of houses

Municipality asks residents not to wash cars in front of houses

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Washing cars in front of the house is against the health regulations, causing wastage of water and affecting the urban outlook of the city
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Abu Dhabi:The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City recently ran a two-day campaign against washing cars in front of houses, targeting residents of Mohammad Bin Zayed City and Bani Yas residential areas.

It reminded the residents that such a practice is against the health regulations, causing wastage of water and affecting the urban outlook of the city.

Khalifa Al Rumaithi, Director of Public Health at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said: “The campaign resulted in serving 53 warnings to residents. Several cases of car washing in front of houses were reported.”

Al Rumaithi called upon the people to preserve water and avoid wasting huge amounts of water in washing cars. “It will cause waterlogged streets which in turn would trigger subsidence of the asphalt pavement as a result of the accumulated water, and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects,” he said.

“The municipality is following up all warnings served to offenders to ensure their compliance with the regulation. If the violation is repeated, an instant fine of Dh 500 shall be issued,” he added.

Al Rumaithi underlined the importance of preserving the vital resource of water, adopting a lifestyle to ensure the optimal use of water and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the city in order to realise the municipality’s vision of ensuring superior living and sustainable environment for the residents of Abu Dhabi city.



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I believe the authorities are concerned about washing and not cleaning.Daily we need to clean the car. We may need to wash it may be once in amonth or twice. If somebody washes his car in front of houses with ahose and soap and makes a mess of the street/road then he should bepunished for sure. But if you deny the right of a person to clean hiscar daily with a damp cloth and duster then what he should do? Imagineevery car queued in Adnocs to clean their cars daily.


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