Wife accidentally reverses over husband

Man in intensive care after being accidentally knocked down

06 Gulf News

Sharjah: An Indian man was seriously injured after his wife accidentally stepped on the accelerator while reversing their car, pinning him to the ground in Sharjah on Saturday afternoon, police told Gulf News.

The 44-year-old victim, identified as S.S., was reportedly guiding his wife as she reversed their car from a busy parking lot near the Buhaira police station at about 2.30pm on Saturday. Police said the couple was about to leave the area when the husband decided to guide his wife as she manoeuvred the vehicle out of the parking lot.

Police said the man was standing at the back of the vehicle when his wife accidentally stepped hard on the accelerator while reversing, knocking him to the ground.

The man suffered serious injuries and was taken to Al Qasimi Hospital. His condition was pronounced stable two hours after the accident but remains in intensive care.

Police have taken the driver into custody for further interrogation.


  • Norman

    16-Sep-2013 17:05

    Dude has got serious cajones to be standing behind a car knowing that awoman is behind the wheel...

  • Shad Mohammad

    16-Sep-2013 16:52

    Very sad to know. these kind of mistakes are very costly. Alway stayaway from the rear part of the car as drivers are normally half blind.Wish complete recovery for her husband .

  • Khurshid Alam

    16-Sep-2013 16:41

    That is Hilarious and Sad ...

  • Jaleel Mohammad

    16-Sep-2013 16:29

    If its done purposefully then wife should be punished for this act.

  • Singh

    16-Sep-2013 16:02

    must be something on this better investigate more why she did this

  • Ajmanbaba

    16-Sep-2013 13:14

    The damage is done, i hope the wife recovers from the mental trauma andthe husband from the physical.

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Dude has got serious cajones to be standing behind a car knowing that awoman is behind the wheel...


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