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UAE residents react to tremors on Gulf News Twitter and Facebook accounts

What UAE residents said about the tremors in UAE

Residents gather on the streets in Rolla
Image Credit: Atiq-Ur-Rehman/Gulf News
Residents gather on the streets in Rolla, Sharjah after tremors are felt in the UAE.

(Gulf News) Facebook comments:

  • Raju Rajendran -  Abu Dhabi we feel
  • Purvi Gokani Rupareliya - Yes, we did feel the tremors here at our centre in AbuDhabi. Scary !!! :-(
  • Syed Asad Ali Zaidi -  We felt very clear
  • Coycoy Dangel -  Fujairah..
  • Boney Bersleebi Karikottu - I was in Al Ain and I felt was like 2 to 4 sec......and it was awesome....
  • Lal Nallath - Yes i felt it in Garhoud
  • Lou Gomez - Dubai Marina
  • Sally Gachunga - I feel it in Abu Dhabi.
  • Akhunzada Mujeeb -  In was fairly tooo strong...
  • Saneer Puthukkudi  - Dubai media city
  • Syed Asad Ali Zaidi - Not 2 to 4 sec, it was almost 30 sec
  • Hava Demiri - all the people in Dubai airport free zone gone out....
  • Tency Jiji - Dubai karama i felt, and also heard the sound of my cupboard moving
  • Tharindu Darshana -  Jebel-ali also
  • Laxmi Menon  - My head was spinning..I thought i am getting sick!! Then i saw one of my hanging tea lights swinging..turned my head and watched the crystal ware shaking!!! whoa...opened the door and called my neighbour..!!!
  • Lovely Saini - I feel in RAK
  • Nasar Vettikkatil - Tremors lasted about 10-15 seconds in Abudhabi
  • Mark Atkins - Felt clearly in Muscat
  • Waqas Shauket - sharjah hamriyah free zone I felt and it was solid.
  • Shabbir Ng - I was in media city & in terms of precautionary measure I just updated my status :P
  • I have a picture of my boss screaming :D
  • Edgardo Adocal - We felt it here in RAK.
  • Majdoline Jayoushe - I didn’t feel it as in I was shaking but my head started spinning when I was ordering food from subway in sharjah!!
  • Mustafa Hamdani -  I felt in jebel ali also
  • Fatima Suhail -  We were at our home in Sharjah when I felt the bed shaking terribly and everything around started revolving. The tremors were quite powerful. As a precaution, we evacuated our building rushing down the stairs from the 26th floor.
  • Yashab Askari -  i feel in sharjah...actually i m sleeping on sofa and i feel somebody is shaking my sofa n when i open my eyes i saw everything is shaking.....very shocked because experience first time in my life..
  • Maria Shafi - Yes in abu dhabi was at home when i felt it it was very strong just as a precautionary measure evacuated the building
  • Ann Sara Binu - Hope all are safe!!!!
  • M.k. ANgel  - bed , cupboards erverything was shaking, i ws getting dizzy.
  • Azmat Lodhi  - earthquake felt in parts of UAE BUILDING evacuated IN BURDUBAI NEAR AL RAIS TRAVEL - by: Azmat Lodhi - Photos: 15
  • Namita Kunal - Singh My bed was shaking..ran down
  • Vandita Kumar -  Felt them strongly! Shk zyd rd. in fact, felt them thrice. Doors were rattling.
  • Adil Shafiq - Yess I’m feel
  • Engr Md Ariful - Islam Earthquake felt in RAK, 16/4/ noon
  • Imran Hashmi -  We felt in abu dhabi very powerful
  • Vidulla Gaikwad-Bhoud - Lights, table etc was shaking badly. we r very scared nw.. dnt no wht to do..
  • Kazi Ehsanul Hoq -  I was at lobby of hotel Bt somebody come and tell building shaked.
  • Bilal Badharudheen - Felt here hardly Deira Al Rigga.
  • Minnie Yasmin -  Felt it so clearly in Sharjah!! My sofa started moving! Then there was a whole big noise in the building of people scared and screaming down towards the exit!! It was scary!! Felt for the first time in My Life!! I’m soo freaked Out!!
  • Avtar Avi - we felt at Mafraq Also
  • Mariam Angel -  Yes I did in sharjah, I thought I was little dizzy until I saw the chandeliers swaying, really frightening experience, well no precautions yet except if I feel it again we’ll get out of the house.
  • Cristina Licaros - All materials in the office are shaking...until now I feel so nervous...Lord help us
  • Tina Cyrus Daruwalla - Was at home.... took my baby n ran down...bur dxb

(Gulf News) Twitter comments:

  • @GNReaders
  • Potpourri Ponderer @Yeh_KamaRiya - we felt tremors at school. Chairs and tables were shaking and a few cracks developed in some walls -Abu Dhabi
  • Syed Maqbool @maqbool_sm - bed started shaking terribly even on the 2nd floor in HorAlAnz area. #dubai #earthquake
  • Asma Merchant @AsmaMerchant – Quite scary this one #sharjah
  • Neha Vishnoi DG @ItisNeha - felt strong tremors for more than 10 secs here in Dubai Marina. The whole building shook violently.
  • Peter Fancy @peterfancy – Felt it in Qatar
  • Michelene Handley @michelene58 – certainly felt it. Couch moving lots of vibrations
  • Zafar Raja @ZR786 – Big one. 7.5 Richter. Hope everyone is OK
  • Sugiya Z Ahmed @Sufiya_Ahmed - I was lying on bed when it started shaking...I felt it twice and ran out the second time
  • DeSert RoSe @miranda_rey2012 – strong tremor, that I have awaken on my sleep, the bed is shaking terribly for 10seconds
  • febie @RunDPress – we’re in media city and asked to evacuate our buliding… we were frightened although we managed to relax
  • John Novoa @nr_john - I was in a 1 storey building and felt a shake for about 30 seconds. Abu Dhabi
  • Amber @AlgamaarAmber – our prayers for Earthquake victims
  • Shihan Sheriff @shihan1982 - yep we all felt it in Downtown Dubai. Seemed a strong one too since we felt it being on the first floor!
  • cherryredsy @itzmecheredsy - yes, Abu Dhabi.. we are in khalidiyah area..a bit scary...
  • Manu captain Marti  @ManuMarti1 - in mirdif was so strong!!! Scarry
  • M Fuzail @techkrazzy - Tremors left. Lasted about 20 seconds !!
  • Supratik Mukherjee @soup_up - Manipal University Dubai just felt the effects of a minor earthquake. Classes evacuated