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Child falls from 4th floor in RAK apartment

23-month-old boy seriously injured in fall; police urge parents to instal safety devices on balconies, windows

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Ras Al Khaimah: A 23-month-old Arab boy was seriously injured after falling from a fourth-floor apartment in Ras Al Khaimah on Wednesday evening, a police official told Gulf News.

According to officials, the young child, who had been lying next to his sleeping mother, apparently made his way to a window next to the bed, opened it, lost his balance and tumbled outside.

Police officials and an ambulance crew quickly made their way to the Al Nakheelat area, where the incident occurred, and rushed the child, who suffered multiple fractures, to Saqr Hospital.

A Ras Al Khaimah Police official said the child’s distraught parents were yet interrogated. Police were waiting for the child’s condition to stabilise and for the parents to calm down before starting investigations.

Ras Al Khaimah police urged parents in high-rise buildings to instal safety devices on balconies and windows to protect their children from falling.



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Authorities should have to force developer, designers and owner of the buildings to consider the maximum safety factor during building design phase, not force residents or tenants to install the safety grills, etc. Humble request for implementing laws and rules on builders/owners and designers and not on the inflation affected residents.

Salman Khan

13 December 2012 13:32jump to comments