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Traffic patrols stepped up in Capital as schools start

Road safety a priority as children head back to school

Abu Dhabi/Dubai: Nearly 120 traffic patrols have been provided by police around schools to ease heavy traffic flow and assure safety for individuals and pupils at the start of the new academic year, Hussain Ahmad Al Harthy, director of traffic patrols in the capital, told Gulf News.

He said: “The first day of school was smooth regarding traffic.

“Traffic police have increased the number of ambulance and traffic control patrols around and close to schools to deal with any emergency situation that might occur and to avoid any jams on the roads.

“The traffic was regular and natural during the first day of the new academic year,” Al Harthy explained, adding, “we urged motorists, parents, and bus drivers to abide by the regulations, instructions, and traffic guidance to prevent exposure to any accident, especially when passing areas which have children waiting for buses.”

Al Harthy also pointed out that a new integrated traffic plan will be implemented throughout the new scholastic year, in association with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) and Emirates Transport, to lessen traffic accidents.

In addition, several awareness programmes have been conducted to spread alertness on traffic issues and send strong messages to parties concerned with pupils’ safety.

Meanwhile, in Dubai, 47 sergeants, 28 officers and a number of patrols are to be situated in front of schools starting form the new school year as part of the “Schools without accidents” campaign.

They will be in place between 6am and 8am and from 1pm and 3:30pm — at peak times when pupils are arriving and leaving.

The General Directorate of Traffic at Dubai Police plans to deploy officers and traffic patrols in front of a number of schools in Dubai in order to control traffic and secure pupils’ safety as they arrive and leave school.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafeen, Director of the General Directorate of Traffic, stated that an integrated plan was developed in order to spread traffic patrols in front of a number of schools to prevent accidents and regulate the flow of vehicles.

Al Zafeen also called on parents, who drive children to school, to drop them off right in front of the school entrance for their safety.

He added that parents without a reserved car parking space, will be allowed to stop for 10 minutes to pick up or drop off their child.

There will also be an inspection campaign in secondary schools to target pupils who violate any traffic regulations such as driving without a licence or performing dangerous stunts in front of schools. Such violators of traffic rules will be fined and vehicles will be detained for a month.

Major Zafeen stated that the traffic plan is hopefully going to make this new school year accident-free as they have also conducted an awareness campaign for school bus drivers.

Through the campaign, drivers will gain awareness about the importance of making sure the child is safely dropped in front of his house.

Police patrols will be deployed in areas that have greater density of schools and on public roads and main streets.

Patrols will also be distributed in front of secondary schools for girls to protect them from being harassed by teens from other schools.


Noor Nazzal is an intern with Gulf News.