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Purpose of inspection often misunderstood

Inspectors say school managements often misunderstand the purpose of their visit

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Many teachers and school leaders misunderstand the purposes of school inspections, KHDA inspectors said. “We are not looking for an unconvincing, rehearsed performance in their classrooms, science labs or morning assemblies. But we look for learners who are engrossed in their work, who work things out for themselves, who work with each other, who have supportive teachers interested in their learning and not constantly telling students what they need to know.”

Inspectors look for good, sustainable progress by students in the key subjects, learners who know their own capacities and what they need to do next because a teacher has helped them understand this. They look for teaching that stimulates good learning and that helps students become inquisitive, independent, life-long learners.

School leadership is another key factor. School leaders who know the strengths and weaknesses of teachers and who can provide the right professional development to make them better teachers are vital.

“We want to see people who continually and honestly evaluate their own performance, not martyrs who stay up late the night before the inspection to fill out a self-evaluation form. It’s all too easy to see through,” an inspector said.