Dating haven in Discovery Gardens

Love-struck couples turn up the heat in secluded area as nights get cooler; embarrassed residents urge crackdown

Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/Xpress
Shady: The place where the steamy scenes unfold at Discovery Gardens after sundown

Dubai: As the weather gets cooler, things are hotting up at a secluded area in Discovery Gardens.

Of late, an open expanse of land between two buidlings here has turned into a rendezvous for love-birds.

Taking advantage of the nip in the air, several couples flock to the place for their nightly trysts. But residents are not warming up to the idea of their neighbourhood turning into a dating site.

“The other day I bumped into this young couple getting cosy near my building entrance. It was so embarrassing,” said an Indian woman.

A Pakistani living in the vicinity said he routinely sees men and women holding hands and kissing openly. “Recently I saw a couple getting really intimate around midnight. I was coming back from a late night walk and was horrified at the sight that greeted me. There are a lot of single men and women living here. But since most of them have shared accommodation, they find it convenient to meet here as there are no prying eyes around.”

Another Indian tenant in a nearby building said some of her neighbours complained to Nakheel about the lack of security in the building but there was no response. “I am not sure if it’s residents or outsiders who are indulging in these immoral activities, but whoever they are, they must be stopped.”

A Syrian family of four said a lot of teenage boys and girls hang around the place during weekends. “They talk loudly, smoke and cozy up. It’s very annoying.”

Some residents said they are thinking of taking up the issue with Nakheel.

A notice by Owners’ Association Management in one building read: “In the interest of upholding the property value of individual units and enhancing security and safety to the community, we will be installing CCTV monitoring systems and door access control systems in the building. Work will commence from October 30.”

The letter also stated that cameras would be installed in common areas with 24-hour recording.

A Nakheel spokesperson said: “Safety and security is paramount in all our developments, and we continue to provide security and other services at Discovery Gardens despite being owed millions of dirhams in RERA-approved service charges. Such incidents have not been reported to Nakheel. In the event of complaints, we would take the appropriate action. Regarding CCTV, the work is under way in Discovery Gardens buildings and should be completed in the first quarter of 2013.”

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  • Rakhee

    22-Nov-2012 15:52

    Whats a big deal about it? holding hands is a sin? or sitting in a corner and talking is a problem? Or are you (residents) never got the chance(of being cosy; romatic) of what these people got? if they had to do something more intimate they would go to each other's house? Or is this the case of over- exaggeration?

  • Dennis

    22-Nov-2012 14:43

    Also CCTV cameras installed only inside and one outside the main entrance of the building and how CCTV will notice or record a person. Identity or a petty crime that can be happen at night and in a dark surroundings... Night vision camera,,??? I don't think so... Just a suggestion to NAKHEEL better to enhance and fix the lights and light post outside of each buildings It is more cheap than CCTV cameras... DG is like a ghost town at night and darkness invites those unpleasant moment or even culprit strangers in DG.....

  • Sithik Niyas

    22-Nov-2012 14:26

    I was residing in DG since 2008 and haven't come across such issues. Yes, as rightly said by one reader, there is a masjid constructed in street 5 and it is almost more than 3 years still not opened. Now I have moved to Gardens pink color building (Furnished apartments) where there is no security at all, even though the Cleanliness is questionable which I have addressed to Nakeel many times and no response. Thanks to Xpress for addressing such issues.

  • Dennis

    22-Nov-2012 14:18

    Everybody has their own belief and culture and some are just over-reacting or exaggerating on what they see like example when they see couples hugging, it will be an intimate act to others. We are here in Dubai or UAE where multi nationals with different culture and attitude around us. The only thing needed is to mind your own sensitivity. If those thing you see will not hurt or insult or even disturb your well-being better to walk straight and leave them alone.. Thats only my opinion...

  • Nour Labello

    22-Nov-2012 14:04

    hotting up? what kind of english is this ?

  • Jed

    22-Nov-2012 13:45

    @Muhammad Aldalou, Hotting is a transitive verb, meaning: increase in excitement or intensity! and yes REALLY!

  • Owais Ahmed

    22-Nov-2012 13:37

    Security is really an issue in Discovery Gardens. XPRESS deserves appreciation for referring the issue of this high-rented community. In DG we are also suffering from single access road and shortage of mosques as well.

  • Humour

    22-Nov-2012 13:35

    Maybe Now you know why it is called 'Discovery Gardens'

  • Ahmed

    22-Nov-2012 13:27

    So what does security have to do with couples holding hands or teenagers playing outside? Aren't there more serious things to complain about like roads and traffic in DG?

  • Angel Togonon Jr.

    22-Nov-2012 13:25

    Seeing people who are in love is much better than those people who are fighting furiously, like what's happening in some countries in the the Middle East now. Here in Dubai I can say it;s peaceful, because there are more people like those in Discovery Garden who are loving with each other. Unlike those countries with fighting. This only means love is not around them.

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Whats a big deal about it? holding hands is a sin? or sitting in a corner and talking is a problem? Or are you (residents) never got the chance(of being cosy; romatic) of what these people got? if they had to do something more intimate they would go to each other's house? Or is this the case of over- exaggeration?


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