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Woman’s second-storey fall a mystery

Admits she worked for Emirati sponsor before absconding to work in sex industry

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Dubai: An Indonesian woman was found to be working as a prostitute after she fell from a second floor flat of a building in Al Nahda for unknown reasons.

The 36-year-old woman, A.F., entered a guilty plea when she appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Records said the woman worked as a housemaid for an Emirati sponsor for nearly five months before she absconded and decided working as a prostitute was an easier way to earn money. An Egyptian electrician testified that he spotted a group of bystanders surrounding the woman’s body after she fell from the second floor for reasons that remain unclear.

Prosecutors accused A.F. of having sex with strange men for money.

In broken Arabic, the Indonesian woman told presiding judge Ali Atiyyah Sa’ad: “Yes, I slept with strange men and took money from them.” The Egyptian witness claimed that he saw the woman after she fell from the building on November 19.

Prosecution records cited the defendant admitting that she came to Dubai on November 14, 2010.

A.F. was quoted admitting: “I was hired as a housemaid and worked for an Emirati family for five months. Then I absconded and continued working as a housemaid in different places over a year. In November 2012, I worked as a prostitute and used to have sex with five men per day… I used to charge Dh300-Dh400 per client. I worked in the same place where I lived and also worked as a masseuse.”

A judgement will be heard next month.