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Wanted Emirati drug dealer arrested in Dubai

The 26-year-old man will join siblings who are also jailed for peddling narcotics

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Dubai Customs foils bid to smuggle 17kg of drugs.
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Dubai: A team from the central information department at Dubai Police arrested one of the most ‘dangerous’ and wanted drug dealers in the UAE in Nad Al Hammar area in Dubai.

The team succeeded in arresting the suspect at 5.30am on July 25 after receiving a tip-off that the suspect had a large amount of drugs at his home and was planning to sell them.

Led by a police officer the team raided his house after watching him bury a rectangular object next to a wall in the neighbourhood. The suspicious object was found to be a large amount of illegal narcotic pills.

Maj Gen Abdul Jalil Mahdi Al Asmawi, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department at Dubai Police, told Gulf News that the 26-year-old Emirati drug dealer, M.S.A.B., will now join his siblings in jail.

“The suspect has a long history of dealing and promoting drugs. Even his brothers are in jail for the same reason. We have been tracking him for a very long time because he has been extremely cautious in his drug activity,” said Maj Gen Al Asmawi.

Maj Gen Al Asmawi said that the drug dealer has been in and out of jail many times where he learned from the best criminals how to expand his criminal activities without getting caught.

The drug dealer has 13 cases related to using, promoting and dealing drugs that go back to 2006. Out of the 13 cases, three have been settled and 10 are pending.

On top of his drug charges Al Asmawi added that the drug dealer has also been charged for setting fire to a car.

“This drug dealer is considered to be one of the most dangerous dealers in the country because he has a large drug trafficking network and international relationships. He smuggles drugs in bulk from abroad and promotes it here in the UAE and he targets youth in residential areas and schools,”

The drug dealer has been referred to the prosecution for possessing and selling drugs.

According to Al Asmawi, residential areas are the suspect’s speciality and, following his arrest, the gang of siblings and their network have hopefully been stopped.

“We have arrested a major drug dealer, however, there are many other criminals that we are working extensively to stop. I call on all parents to watch their children and to inform the police about any suspicious behaviour.”

He emphasised that the police would protect their privacy and will deal with the issue discreetly by conducting an annual drug check up and investigating the source that sold the drugs to their children.

He stressed that parents who withhold any information are harming their children instead of protecting them. They are also allowing their activities to continue instead of preventing them.

Parents and members of the public who suspect any drug-related behaviour can inform the Anti-Narcotics Department at Dubai Police on the toll-free number: 800 400 400 or call the duty officer on 050 5516218. They can also e-mail