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Three quizzed over murder of Emirati man

Defendants killed victim because his uncle allegedly killed one of suspects’ brother

Image Credit: Dubai Police
Nasser Ali Nasser

Dubai: Prosecutors are quizzing three men over allegedly murdering with a motive of vengeance 21-year-old Emirati, Nasser Ali Nasser, who went missing from his parents’ house, and burning his body, said Dubai’s Attorney-General on Wednesday. 

"The three men are the primary suspects and involved in Nasser’s death because they were the last people  with whom he went out before he went missing for days.

Primary interrogations revealed that one of the suspects strapped the seat belt around Nasser’s neck and killed him. Then the three suspects piled Nasser’s body on wood and set it aflame after dousing it with benzene,” said  Attorney-General Essam Eisa Al Humaidan. 

Sources close to the investigation told Gulf News that the DNA results confirmed that the body was that of Nasser. 

“Besides the DNA results, the suspects’ confession that they murdered the victim in an act of revenge, has also confirmed that it was his body which was recovered in Oman. Prosecutors will ask for the implementation of the capital punishment against the defendants, who will be referred to the Dubai Court of First Instance very soon,” said the source who requested anonymity.  

Nasser’s father reported his missing son to Al Rashidiya police station on October 28. 
Police primary interrogations unveiled the suspects’ involvement in Nasser going missing.

“Bur Dubai Prosecution carried out an investigation that revealed that there was vendetta between Nasser’s uncle and two of the suspects. Those two suspects believed that the uncle had killed the brother of one of them. The suspects preplanned the murder.. They went out with Nasser and drove towards a dark area at the Omani border to consume liquor. When one of the suspects reminded Nasser that his uncle had allegedly killed his brother… the victim was said have begged them to let him go and not harm him because he had nothing to do with what his uncle had done.

“The concerned suspect was sitting near Nasser in the back seat and he failed to convince them not to hurt him. Then they tried to abuse him sexually. The concerned suspect strapped  the seat belt around Nasser’s neck until he stopped breathing. Then they headed to a valley where they gathered some wood, piled it over Nasser’s body and set him ablaze… they intended to dispose of his body,” said Al Humaidan.  

The concerned suspect (who strangled Nasser) has confessed to the charges while the other two admitted that they saw what happened and that they aided him in burning the body, added the Attorney-General. 

Records said the trio has a rich criminal record in drug crimes. 

“The public should avoid resorting to vendetta because it leads to worse crimes. This is a land of law and justice and everybody should follow the legal path to preserve his/her rights,” concluded Al Humaidan. 

Nasser was a diabetic.