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Smash-and-grab car robbery gang members arrested in Al Ain

Stolen items from nine vehicles include cash, mobile phone and ID cards

  • Items stolen from car break-ins range from money and mobile phones to ID cards. Image Credit: Supplied
  • Two persons suspected of being involved in a smash-and-grab attacks were arrested.Image Credit: Supplied
  • Brigadier Mohammad Suhail Al Rashidi, director of Al Ain Police Directorate Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Two men were arrested in Al Ain for smashing and breaking into nine vehicles and stealing its valuables, Abu Dhabi Police announced Thursday.

The suspects used a stolen vehicle for transportation and monitoring the vehicles they were planning to hit, taking large sums of cash, smart phones, and identification documents from the vehicles they broke into.

Brigadier Mohammad Suhail Al Rashidi, director of Al Ain Police Directorate, said that several incidents of smash-and-grab thefts of valuables from vehicles were reported to police stations, and investigation teams were assigned to follow up and unravel the circumstances of the heist.

Patrols were deployed to the reported theft sites and the two suspects were arrested, he said.

He added, investigations showed that the suspects smashed into nine vehicles and stole the owners' possessions in different areas in Al Ain.

Al Rashidi called on the public not to keep any valuables in their vehicles and urged car owners to properly lock their cars, while stopping anywhere, even if it’s for a short while.