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Police arrest man who tried to steal bags from Dubai airport

Thief moved between baggage belts stealing most expensive-looking bags

  • Image Credit: Supplied
  • Image Credit: Supplied
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Dubai: Customs officials at Dubai International Airport have arrested a man who attempted to steal expensive luggage from the baggage belts at Terminal 3.

Ali Al Maghawi, Director of Airport Operations Department at Dubai Customs, said that the Arab suspect had previously stolen other passengers’ bags at airports across the region.

“The passenger arrived at Terminal 3 on board an Emirates airlines flight from an Arab country and made his way to the baggage belt area. Dubai Customs inspectors, who are tasked to monitor passengers’ movement and facilitate their procedures, became suspicious of this particular passenger as they noticed he was moving from one belt to the other and picking bags randomly from baggage belts,” he said.

Al Maghawi explained that inspectors then closely monitored his movements and immediately formed a team to keep him under surveillance, as he moved between different conveyor belts of various flights that came from European countries.

“The suspect chose large and expensive looking bags and removed the airline company sticker in an attempt to mislead customs officers. As he headed to the customs inspection area, the inspection team was waiting for him but the suspect claimed that they belonged to him,” Al Maghawi said.

After the bags were scanned and the suspect failed to unlock the luggage, he continued to deny that they were stolen and that his keys were merely misplaced.

Customs officials then contacted Emirates and inquired about the passenger’s details, and discovered that he had only travelled with one piece of hand luggage and that the airline had received complaints that four bags were missing from other passengers.

The passengers with their lost luggage were then brought forward and identified their bags, and the passenger was subsequently arrested by Dubai Police.