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Man who beat son to death over exams jailed

12-year-old beaten with a computer cable for scoring poorly in school examinations

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Abu Dhabi: An unemployed man who beat his 12-year-old son to death with a computer cable for doing badly in his school exams will serve three years in prison, the Criminal Court of First Instance ruled on Wednesday.

In addition to prison time, R.M., an Emirati, will have to pay Dh200,000 in blood money to his family. However, the defendant’s parents will not receive any of the cash as they dropped the charges.

When he found out about his son’s grades, R.M. beat him with a computer cable until the boy collapsed. Following the beating, the defendant fled but was later found by Abu Dhabi Police.

The eighth grade pupil had hidden his examination results from his father before the lashing.

The incident took place towards the end of December 2012. Family members earlier told Gulf News that the defendant previously suffered from alcoholism but had received treatment for his condition.


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