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Man caught practising black magic in Abu Dhabi

Man caught by Abu Dhabi Police claims this is a legal act, not wizardry

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Abu Dhabi: An Arab man accused of practising black magic was caught by Abu Dhabi Police just 10 days after entering the country as a tourist.

The 38-year-old suspect, H.H., claimed to have the ability to bring about reconciliation between people and make them richer by summoning spirits. However, clients would have to pay a fee depending on the “spell” they requested.

The police had initially received a tip about the suspect’s illegal practices, and set a trap to catch him in action. Since the suspect allegedly targeted females, a policewoman posing as a client, claimed that she required his assistance in reconciling with her husband, and becoming wealthier.

Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammad Borshid, director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said: “The suspect confessed to his crime but claimed that it is a legal practice and not a form of witchcraft or wizardry. However, some of the items confiscated from the suspect include incantations in different languages written in pyramidical form. In addition, papers with names written on them that were folded up using a needle and thread, rosaries, liquid-filled bottles and other items commonly found in similar cases were also confiscated from the suspect.”

The official stated that members of the public should completely refrain from getting involved with those who claim that they can use spirits and magic to cure terminal illnesses and solve marital problems as they pose a great threat to the stability of the society. “Those claiming to have such abilities manipulate people’s minds and exploit their ignorance to dupe them into believing them,” he added.