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Hotel worker arrested for stealing jewellery

Police are hunting for Asian man who was working illegally as a tourist guide in Dubai

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Dubai: A Pakistani hotel worker has been arrested for stealing jewellery worth Dh8,000 from a hotel guest, Dubai Police have said.

Colonel Mohammad Rashid Al Muhairi, Director of the Department of Tourism Security at the Criminal and Investigation Department (CID) at Dubai Police, said that the hotel worker, who works in room service, stole the jewellery from an Arab woman who was a guest at the hotel.

Colonel Al Muhairi said the worker took advantage of the fact that the woman was not in her room and stole a gold ring and a bracelet worth Dh8,000.

He said the woman discovered that her jewellery was missing the next day.

He said that the CCTV camera footage showed that three hotel workers entered the room to clean while she was away. Police suspected one of the workers and found jewellery after they searched his room.

In a similar case, Colonel Al Muhairi said that the tourist security police also managed to arrest an Afghan man who stole a credit card of a 74-year-old Austrian tourist and used it to purchase shoes and a coat worth Dh10,000.

Police also arrested a Chinese woman last week for posing as a tourist guide by using a fake ID which she obtained from China.

The woman told the police that she stole the ID of her friend and made one similar to it.

Colonel Al Muhairi said that the police are hunting for an Asian man who also claimed to be tourist guide in Jumeirah. “The suspect who was accompanied by a group of tourists locked the car with tourists inside it and ran away when he was stopped by the police,” he said.