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Guard molests tenant in Dubai building

Woman testifies that guard pushed his way into her apartment and attempted to kiss her

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Dubai: A building’s security guard has been accused of forcing his way into a woman’s apartment shortly after she discarded her household garbage.

Once inside the victim’s apartment, the guard allegedly molested the lone female.

The 40-year-old American woman claimed that after the 25-year-old Indian guard, S.K., helped her dispose of her garbage, he suddenly forced himself into her apartment where he told her that her eyes were beautiful before molesting her.

“He told me that he knew that I loved him. He told me that my eyes are beautiful. Then he hugged and tried to kiss me. I pushed him out of the flat,” the American woman told prosecutors.

The defendant entered a guilty plea when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

“Yes, I hugged and molested her,” contended the suspect when he addressed presiding judge Wajdi Al Menyawi.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors charged S.K. with molesting the woman by hugging and attempting to kiss her. The defendant was additionally accused of entering the woman’s flat without her consent.

The American testified that the incident happened when she walked out of her apartment to throw away her garbage on February 22.

“I saw him outside my door. He walked behind me and opened the chute door to help me throw the garbage. I thanked him and headed back to my flat. He pushed himself inside when I opened my door. He was stronger than me and I couldn’t prevent him. I asked him to leave, but he wouldn’t. He told me that he knew that I was alone, but I told him that my friends were coming over. I prevented him from kissing me. I fought back and asked him for the second time to leave because I didn’t want any trouble.

“He walked around in the flat. I begged him to leave and told him that I didn’t want anybody to see him and that there would be no problems. I pushed him outside the door quickly and closed it. I called a friend who informed my neighbour and asked her to check on me. Then we reported it to the police,” the woman said.

The building’s supervisor testified that the woman was frightened when she went to check on her. She claimed that the suspect apologised to the woman for his actions and promised not to do it again.

An Emirati policeman said the defendant denied the allegations but he heard him begging the woman not to complain to the police.

A judgement will be heard next Thursday.