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Drunk waiter accused of flashing two women

Suspect claims he entered women’s residence by mistake

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Dubai: Two waitresses received the shock of their lives when their intoxicated workmate whistled for them to turn around before he exposed his private parts. The Filipina waitresses, who work for a five-star hotel in Jumeirah Beach Residence, said they were walking up the stairs when they heard someone whistling behind them.

As soon as they the turned around they spotted their 27-year-old Indian workmate, A.B., standing facing them and exposing his private parts for a few seconds.

Prosecutors accused A.B., a waiter, with breaching the modesty of the two Filipinas, 24-year-old C.T. and 26-year-old S.G. and indecently exposing his genitals in front of them. He was additionally accused of consuming liquor.

A.B. claimed he thought he was inside the washroom and had started urinating when he heard the waitresses’ screams.

The defendant has failed to enter his plea since the case was referred to the Dubai Misdemeanour Court because police failed to bring him from detention and produce him before the judge.

The judge has fined the director of the detention centre Dh4,000 for failing to bring the suspect to court twice.

The Filipinas testified that they had finished work and were heading back to their quarters when the incident happened.

They alleged that as they took the stairs, they heard someone whistling behind them.

“We turned around and spotted A.B. standing there. He lifted up his shorts, took out his private parts and indecently touched himself. He did so for a few seconds before we screamed. Then we ran into out room and called the security. His eyes were very red,” S.G. claimed to prosecutors.

Police arrested the defendant and took him in for questioning.

An Emirati policeman, who questioned A.B., quoted him as saying that he was heavily intoxicated and depressed when he committed his crime.

The policeman said the suspect apologised for what he had done, claiming that he mistakenly walked into the women’s quarters, thinking it was the men’s washroom.

The defendant confessed to drinking liquor, according to the prosecution statement, but he denied having any criminal intention when he exposed himself.

“I entered the women’s premises by mistake. When I took out my private parts, I thought I was inside the bathroom. I had already started urinating when I heard the women screaming… so I stopped and ran away,” A.B. claimed.

The trial continues in September.