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DNA match spells trouble for Kiwi man

A DNA specimen provided by a Kiwi man matched the sample found on his British girlfriend's bed


Dubai: A DNA specimen provided by a Kiwi man matched the sample found on his British girlfriend's bed, a forensic expert told the court on Wednesday.

The expert's testimony could add to the woes of the New Zealander T.C., 31, caught in a fiery love triangle that also involves his Brazilian ex-girlfriend.

The forensic expert backed the findings of a DNA expert. During the hearing of the case on May 11, the DNA expert had said that semen traces found inside the British girl belonged to T.C.

The forensic expert told the court they acquired the sample from the man's British girlfriend D.S, 31, adding that tests done subsequently proved that the semen belonged to T.C.

His 25-year-old Brazilian ex-girl-friend, P.F. was also subjected to medical examination. However, T.C's semen traces were not found in her. Prosecutors have charged T.C. of having consensual sex with the two women.

The trio was arrested on December 24 last year after T.C called police to rein in his jilted Brazilian girlfriend who was threatening him and D.C. with a knife after allegedly catching him having sex with his new girlfriend. The Brazilian reportedly also wrecked some furniture and smashed various items in T.C.'s apartment. All three were jailed in Bur Dubai police station, where they spent Christmas and New Year, with the spurned girlfriends sharing the same cell.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for June 22.

So far...

T.C. and D.S. hook up one night in Dubai.

T.C.'s ex-girlfriend walks in on them, loses it and starts wrecking furniture and threatening them with a knife

T.C. calls the police and all three get thrown in Bur Dubai jail because it's illegal to have extramarital sex in the UAE.