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Baby girl killed in car crash on Palm Island

Father released on bail, being questioned

02 Gulf News

Dubai: An Asian father is currently being questioned over the accidental death of his seven-month-old baby girl and injuring her mother following a tragic accident Friday morning on Jumeirah Palm Island.

The 31-year-old father has been released on bail on humanitarian grounds following the accident which led to the death of the baby girl, who was seated in her 28-year-old mother's lap in the front seat of the vehicle, according to Chief Traffic Prosecutor Salah Bu Farousha, Head of Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution (TPP).

He said: "According to onsite inspections, the father is responsible for the accident because his car lacked a special baby seat and he was speeding and drove inattentively before hitting the concrete barriers in the middle of the street. The accident happened this morning around 8am on Jumeirah Palm Island's street at the exit leading to Shaikh Zayed Road."

Child seat

Drivers who fail to install a special child seat or allow a child under 10 years old to sit in the front seat of a vehicle will be prosecuted if involved in an accident that leads to the death or injury of the child, Bu Farousha said.

"Traffic prosecution will hold negligent and irresponsible drivers liability in such incidents. There have been incidents in which parents were prosecuted for accidentally causing death or injuries to their children."

"Traffic law also penalises a driver and front seat passengers who fail to wear their seatbelt. It is also, prohibited, according to law, to allow anyone under ten to sit in the front seat," he said.

Bu Farousha said according to the mother's statement her baby girl was sleeping in her lap when the accident happened.

No baby seat

"Primary investigations unveiled that the father did not allocate special baby seat for his daughter. After he lost control over his steering due to speeding and reckless driving, he rammed into the barrier and skidded for nearly ten metres. The car and barrier were damaged. The father is liable and being questioned but he's out on bail for compassionate reasons," said the chief traffic prosecutor.



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how about if the parents with infants are travelling by taxi? there are some reckless taxi drivers as well, taxi do not have any car seat available hence how can we protect our little ones?


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