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Al Mazeina had a commanding presence

Fellow officers always praised his hands-on approach

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Dubai: The news of Lt-General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina’s passing away came as a big shock for media persons, including me.

Just a few days back, he was launching conferences and talking to reporters about Dubai Police’s future projects, with his usual firm, composed and commanding presence.

Lt-General Al Mazeina, Commander-in-Chief Dubai Police, was everything you would expect a police commander to be — confident, decisive, well-spoken, assertive and his presence commanded respect.

As a journalist reporting police, I had the chance to interact with Lt-General Al Mazeina on many occasions, and with many of the police officers who worked under his command. Those who worked under him had nothing but praise for him, his leadership and his hands-on approach while handling major cases.

During police press conferences I covered and interviews I conducted, no matter what the topic was, the police officers always talked about Lt-General Al Mazeina’s insights and directives that shaped their success.

On his part, Lt-General Al Mazeina too praised his colleagues where praise was due. During press conferences, he would thank his team and individuals who cracked complex criminal cases.

While he appeared to be intimidating to some, Lt-General Al Mazeina also had a light-hearted side. He would sometimes, if the occasion allowed, joked with reporters. He always emphasised the importance of team work, doing things right and ensuring the safety and security of the emirate. As many have said, the UAE has lost one of its loyal and illustrious men.