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Worker on trial for fatal stabbing over unwanted sexual advances

Suspect tells court he defended himself when victim tried to rape him in car

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Dubai: A worker has been accused of fatally stabbing his co-worker in the neck when he tried to remove his clothes and have sex with him.

The 20-year-old Pakistani worker, M.A., was said to have met his countryman shortly after he had quit his job and the latter offered to hire him as a porter in May.

M.A. had only worked for three days with his countryman, according to records, before the latter tried to talk M.A. into having sex with him several times. On the third day the countryman took advantage of the fact that all their roommates were sleeping before he moved towards M.A., wanting to have sex with him, which caused the worker to walk out at 1am.

The co-worker followed him and told him to sleep in his car, according to records, and when he did, he jumped in and tried to rape M.A., who stabbed his stalker in the neck and fled.

Prosecutors charged M.A. with intentionally murdering his co-worker and stealing his car and mobile phone.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and firmly refuted the accusation of intentionally murdering the victim when he defended himself before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

“I had no intention of killing him … it happened so quickly. He wanted to have sex with me and I had been refusing his sexual advances. That day when he tried to force himself on me, we fought. I stabbed him in self-defence. I did not steal the car, but I drove it to reach Abu Dhabi. His mobile was in the car and that’s where I left it … I did not steal it,” M.A. argued before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi.

A police sergeant claimed to prosecutors that they were informed about a man [the victim] who had been assaulted and crying for help in the street.

“When we reached the crime scene, the victim was already dead. He had been stabbed once in his neck. Primary interrogations led to the arrest of M.A. in Abu Dhabi. During questioning, the suspect alleged that after the victim hired him as a porter, the victim constantly stalked and groped him. M.A. claimed that the deceased repeatedly hinted that he wanted to have sex with him. He also claimed that the victim repeatedly tried to lure him to bed while their roommates were asleep. The defendant claimed that on the last day he told the victim that he was quitting and walked out of the room after the co-worker tried to have sex with him in the room at 1am. According to the suspect’s statement, the victim convinced him to sleep in his car and, when he did, the victim undressed him and tried to rape him. He alleged that he found the knife in the glovebox and stabbed him before he fled. M.A. claimed that when he returned to the car, the victim was not there so he drove the car towards Abu Dhabi before it broke down near Jebel Ali. He then hitchhiked to the capital,” the sergeant testified to prosecutors.

A Pakistani driver claimed to prosecutors that he spotted the victim bleeding and in a hysterical situation at the side of the road at 2am.

Another Pakistani witness testified to prosecutors: “The suspect stopped me at 2.30am. He was bleeding from his neck … when I asked him what had happened, he said that someone had attacked him and run away.”

A lawyer will be appointed to defend the suspect on November 13.