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Worker kisses boy twice outside landmark mosque

French mother and her son went to pray in the mosque when suspect molested boy

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Dubai: A worker has been accused of forcibly kissing a 13-year-old boy while performing the ablution outside a mosque then forcing him into the washroom and kissing him again in Jumeirah.

The 13-year-old French boy and his mother were said to be holidaying in Dubai when they visited a landmark mosque in Jumeirah to offer the afternoon prayers in April.

The Frenchwoman asked the three workers for the directions to the prayer section for women, according to records, while her son headed to the outside area to perform the ablution.

A 29-year-old Pakistani worker, who was believed to be also performing the ablution, came close to the boy and kissed him against his will.

Then he made the boy go to the washroom where he kissed him second time before the 13-year-old got irritated, pushed him away and ran out of the mosque looking for his mother.

The boy told his mother about the incident on which she called the police.

The footage of the surveillance cameras, clearly showed that how the worker kissed the boy in the ablution area and took him to the washroom. The footage also showed the boy running out of the washroom.

Prosecutors charged the suspect of molesting the minor by kissing him twice against his will.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

He contended before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi that he just pecked on the boy’s cheek and did not have any criminal intention.

The boy was cited telling prosecutors that after he had performed the ablution, the suspect kissed him a first time but he did not care thinking it was a normal thing unlike the second time when he tried to grab him.

“When I tried to prevent him from kissing me the second time, he forced himself on me ... but I managed to push him away and walked away from him,” the boy told prosecutors.

The mother told prosecutors that she visited the mosque with her son to pray at 2.50pm when the incident happened.

“I went to pray and five minutes later my son stormed into the women’s section of the mosque and told me that the suspect had kissed him twice. When we went outside, the suspect had already gone,” she said.

A police sergeant told prosecutors that the suspect was apprehended three days later at the Jumeirah Open Beach.

A ruling in the case will be announced on June 21.