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Trio jailed over Dh1m theft from villa in Dubai

Defendants broke into residence while tenant was abroad; were caught at airport while fleeing country

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Dubai: Three jobless men have been jailed for one year each for forcing their way into a businessman’s residence and stealing jewellery and valuables worth Dh1 million.

The Sri Lankan trio broke into the Emirati businessman’s villa and stole gold and jewellery in August 2015.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the three accused of breaking and entering and stealing valuables although they had pleaded not guilty.

Records said the defendants used a screwdriver and a crowbar to break into the Emirati’s villa in Al Muhaisnah while he and his family were outside the country. Then they stole gold, jewellery and other valuables worth a total of Dh1 million.

According to the primary ruling, the three defendants will be deported following the completion of their punishment. The Emirati testified that his mother’s maid discovered the theft while he and his family were on holiday in Europe.

“My mother sent her maid to clean my residence and make it ready for us when we return from holiday. The maid discovered that my house had been broken into and robbed. Then my mother sent my brother to check what had happened and what had been stolen. My brother discovered that the defendants had destroyed the safe and stole our jewellery and valuables,” the businessman testified.

A police sergeant said during questioning, one of the defendants admitted that they had flown in from Sri Lanka to burgle houses.

“The same defendant also admitted that they had come from Sri Lanka to Dubai to break into empty houses and steal valuables. He said they realised that the businessman’s house was empty after watching it for a while. The defendant claimed that they jumped over the villa’s fence and opened the door using the screwdriver … then they used the crowbar to break the safe which they found on the first floor. The accused was apprehended at Sharjah airport while attempting to leave the country,” the sergeant testified.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 12 days.