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One-time sex with stranger lands woman in jail

Police were notified by hospital after she delivered baby

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Dubai: A saleswoman, who delivered an illegitimate baby girl following a one-night stand, was taken into immediate custody on Tuesday when a court jailed her for a month.

The 30-year-old Filipina saleswoman had only been in Dubai for a few days when she met an Indian man on Jumeirah Beach Road in January.

The Filipina said the man, the name and number of whom she didn’t ask for, drove her towards the Jumeirah Beach area and had unprotected sex with her. Months later, the saleswoman suffered stomach contractions and pain and discovered her pregnancy when she saw part of the foetus coming out while she was in the toilet.

The 30-year-old unmarried woman was rushed to hospital where she was told that she had been seven-months pregnant and that she was in early labour before she delivered a girl.

Following the delivery, the hospital notified Dubai Police’s operations room about a case of a woman who had delivered an baby following an illicit affair with an unidentified Indian man.

Prosecutors accused the Filipina of allowing a strange man to have consensual sexual with her.

“Yes I allowed him to have sex with me and it was mutual,” the defendant told the Dubai Misdemeanours Court on Tuesday.

The Filipina had been out on bail but following Tuesday’s hearing, the presiding judge asked the policewomen present at the courtroom to keep her in custody.

Around noontime, the judge sentenced the woman to one month in jail followed by deportation.

The Filipina was then taken to the police station where she’s expected to serve her time in jail or appeal the primary judgement within 15 days.

When asked by police investigators about the identity of the stranger, who had impregnated her, the defendant claimed that the only thing she knew about him was that he is an Indian.

“I didn’t not take his name or number. He saw me at a corner and said to me some nice words. Then he asked me if we could have sex before I agreed. He took me to one of the areas near Jumeirah Beach where we had sex. He did not use protection during the intercourse ... at first I didn’t realise that I was pregnant although I didn’t get my menstrual period. Seven months later, I was taken to hospital where I was told I was pregnant,” she said.