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Dubai cleaner found pregnant with dead foetus

Woman and boyfriend get jail sentence and deportation for having sex out-of-wedlock at man’s residence

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Dubai: A cleaner and a cook who were having unmarried sex confessed to the affair after the woman fell ill and was rushed to hospital, where doctors told her she was carrying a two-month-old dead foetus.

The 39-year-old Filipino cook, G.A., rushed his 29-year-old countrywoman girlfriend, C.M., to hospital because she suddenly fell ill and complained of feeling cold on June 20.

The cleaner immediately admitted to doctors that she had been having out-of-wedlock sex with G.A. when they discovered that she was carrying a two-month-old dead embryo inside her womb.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court sentenced the defendants to one year in jail.

“The couple will be deported following the completion of their punishments,” said presiding judge Mohammad Shawqi in courtroom 11 on Tuesday.

The defendants entered a guilty plea and admitted having consensual sex when they defended themselves in court.

Court records said when the cleaner felt sick and cold, her boyfriend rushed her in a taxi to hospital.

When doctors examined C.M., they discovered that she was two-months pregnant but her foetus was already dead.

“I met C.M. earlier this year and we fell in love. She moved into my place in Muraqabat… we used to have consensual sex very often,” said G.A.

“We were waiting for the nearest opportunity to travel to Philippines to get married.

“It was 2.30pm when she started shivering and got tired. I rushed her to hospital where they told us about her pregnancy. The last time we had sex was two months prior to our arrest.”

Court records cited the cook apologising for violating the UAE laws.

The cleaner claimed during questioning: “I came to work as a cleaner for a private company. When I fell in love with G.A., I moved in to live at his residence. I stayed with him nearly six months until the day when he rushed me to hospital. I agreed to sleep with him after he promised to marry me at the nearest opportunity. We used to have sex once a week,” claimed C.M.

Prosecution records said hospital officials reported the defendants to the police after the discovery.

The primary judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.