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Driver beat supervisor who cursed his mother and sister

Suspect claims in court he was defending himself and trying to stop victim from stealing from his car

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Dubai: A driver has been accused of punching a supervisor and causing him a head injury after the latter cursed him and his family while he was under the influence of alcohol.

The 33-year-old Pakistani driver was said to have indulged in a heated argument with the 48-year-old Indian supervisor before the driver hit the supervisor on his head and injured him in May 2015.

The fight took place at a labour accommodation, the security guard of which called in the police, according to records, and informed them that the two men had indulged in a fight and exchanged abuses.

Police rushed to the scene and apprehended the driver, while the supervisor, who had fallen unconscious, was rushed to the hospital.

Medical reports confirmed that the 48-year-old Indian suffered a permanent disability due to his head injury.

Prosecutors accused the driver of assaulting the supervisor and causing him a 25 per cent permanent disability.

When the Pakistani suspect appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday, he pleaded not guilty.

He contended before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi that he indulged in a fight and was defending himself and trying to stop the supervisor from stealing his belongings from his car.

Prosecutors also charged the two suspects with exchanging curses. The Indian was solely charged with consuming alcohol.

The two suspects are scheduled to be tried before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court for cursing each other.

The accommodation’s Pakistani security guard testified to prosecutors that the fight happened around 12.15am. “One of the workers told me that a fight had taken place between the two suspects. I went there to check what had happened. When I reached the residence’s entrance, I saw the 48-year-old cursing the driver’s mother and sister and he seemed too drunk. He was swaying left and right. When he cursed the 33-year-old, the latter punched him on his head … the supervisor fell to the ground. I called the police instantly and an ambulance also,” the guard claimed to prosecutors.

The ruling in the assault case will be heard on April 30.