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Businessman cleared of threatening, exposing himself before partner

Court rejects prosecutors’ appeal, acquits man of slandering, threatening female partner

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Dubai: Prosecutors have lost their appeal against a businessman, who was cleared of slandering, slapping and threatening to kill his business partner and exposing himself in front of her.

In January, the Dubai Court of First Instance acquitted the 54-year-old Indian businessman of sending his countrywoman partner a slanderous email and threatening to kill her if she ended their business partnership in November 2015.

He was also cleared of standing in front of her at the office, removing his pants and flashing his private parts.

Prosecutors appealed the primary ruling before the Appeal Court and sought to have his acquittal overturned.

Presiding judge Eisa Al Sharif rejected prosecutors’ appeal and upheld the Indian businessman’s acquittal.

The latter had refuted the woman’s claims which he described as “malicious and baseless”.

The partner had alleged that the 54-year-old businessman slandered her via email and threatened to kill her if she ended their partnership.

She also claimed that he exposed himself in front of her at the door of her office.

When the man defended himself before the appellate court, he argued that there was a partnership issue between them.

“She lodged a malevolent complaint … all her allegations are unfounded,” the businessman told the court.

Presiding judge Al Sharif also dismissed the woman’s civil lawsuit in which she had sought Dh21,000 in temporary compensation.

The businessman denied abusing the telecommunication system and sending a libellous email to his partner. He also denied threatening to kill her, slapping her and exposing himself in front of her.

The Indian woman told prosecutors that they are business partners in a company.

“He cursed me via email and threatened to kill me if I ended the partnership. He also stood before me and removed his pants, and flashed his private parts. He slapped me because we had administrative differences,” she alleged.

The company’s sales manager claimed that she saw the man undressing himself before the partner’s office and standing naked.

“The businessman constantly created problems for the woman. I heard him threatening to kill her in case she did not allow him to sign on the business cheques,” she told prosecutors.

However, the businessman dismissed the partner’s allegations and accused her of fabricating the case against him out of malice.

The appellate ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court within 26 days.