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Aviation executive accused of being male prostitute

Suspect claims two men raped him, tied him up and stole his belongings

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Dubai: An aviation executive has been accused of working as a male prostitute and having sex with two porters, who beat and robbed him after they had sex with him in his flat.

The 59-year-old French executive was said to have called up a 23-year-old Pakistani porter with whom he had been having paid sex for a few months.

The executive asked him to come over to his place to have sex with him as usual, according to records, before the latter brought along with him his 28-year-old countryman co-worker in December.

The Frenchman was believed to have paid the 23-year-old Dh150 every time he had sex with him, showed records.

The two Pakistani porters went to the executive’s flat and after they had sex with him one at a time, they beat him, tied up his legs and hands and absconded after they robbed his belongings.

Thereafter, the Frenchman complained to the police and alleged that the two porters raped him, beat him and stole his belongings before they left him tied up and absconded.

Further police interrogations revealed that the 59-year-old had had sex with the 23-year-old a number of times prior to his complaint.

Prosecutors accused the French suspect of working as a male prostitute, while the Pakistani duo were charged with having sex with the Frenchman.

The Pakistanis were also accused of assaulting the 59-year-old and stealing his smartphones, laptop, bank cards and personal identification papers.

The Frenchman admitted that he had sex with males when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old suspect denied having sex with the French suspect and also refuted the accusation of stealing his belongings.

The 23-year-old confessed that he had sex with the French suspect.

He contended before presiding judge Shaikha Hamad that his countryman was not involved in the case and he had just accompanied him to the Frenchman’s flat. In his capacity as a victim, the Frenchman testified to prosecutors that he had been having consensual sex with the 23-year-old until the incident happened.

“That day, I called him and invited him over to have sex with me … at 4pm he texted me on one of the dating apps that he was present near my residence. When I opened the door, the two suspects showed up. When the 28-year-old suspect also asked to have sex with me, I refused. Then the two men beat me up and had sex with me against my will. Then they tied me up with a piece of cloth and absconded after they stole my belongings. They also threatened me with a knife,” the 59-year-old claimed to prosecutors.

A police sergeant testified that the Pakistani suspects were apprehended following the Frenchman’s complaint.

“We raided their house and recovered some of the Frenchman’s stolen items. During questioning, the 23-year-old suspect admitted that the 59-year-old used to call him often to have sex with him for Dh150 each time. The Pakistani duo further alleged that they had consensual sex with the Frenchman on the day of the incident,” he claimed to prosecutors.

A ruling will be heard on June 11.


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