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Abu Dhabi Police seize 104 cars with tampered number plates

Motorists mostly from other gulf countries intentionally obscure number plates to avoid speed camera, radar detection

Tampered number plates
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Unscrupulous motorists tamper with their car number plates by either covering up, putting on sticky tape, burning, bending over or splashing mud on them.
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Abu Dhabi: Road patrols of the Abu Dhabi Traffic Police Department has seized 104 cars during the first half of 2012 for intentionally tampering with their number plates.

Brigadier Hussain Al Harithi, Director of Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrol Department, said that the motorists, mostly from other Gulf countries, covered up their number plates in attempt to avoid being identified by speed cameras and radar.

“Thanks to the quick reaction of the police officers, they were able to quickly detect the cars involved in violations. The motorists were immediately stopped and fined,” Al Harithi said. He added that police officers will continue to apprehend drivers who conceal or tamper with their number plates, and that they will be referred to the relevant judicial bodies.

Colonel Hamad Al Beloushi, Director of the Department of peripheral regions at the Abu Dhabi Police traffic department, revealed that 80 cars were seized in the Western Region, 22 in Al Mafraq, and two in Al Ain.

“The motorists would tamper with the number plates to avoid traffic violations involving radars. They would, for example, use tape to change numbers, bend the number plate, splash mud on it, or even burn it to give the impression that the number plate is worn out,” said Al Beloushi.

“Most of these motorists, who enter through the Ghuweifat border, would tamper with the number plates after entering into the country, allowing them to speed and avoid any violations related to speeding because the numbers are hard to determine in the pictures captured by radar.

“Such acts also make it hard to identify a car involved in an accident in which a pedestrian was run over, for example, allowing the motorist to escape. It is not always clear that the number plates have been intentionally tampered with. However, upon closer inspection, the police officers are able to determine otherwise, and the scheme is uncovered,” Al Beloushi added.

Al Beloushi also warned motorists to refrain from applying stickers or cartons with the intention of concealing the number plates.


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Those vehicles should be banned from entering UAE again and the driversmust not be allowed to drive here as well.


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