Abu Dhabi braces for new parking rules after Eid

Residents will have to pay for spaces until midnight once holidays are over

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A paid parking zone on Muroor Street in Abu Dhabi. Residents in the capital must pay forparking spaces until midnight once the Eid holidays are over.
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Abu Dhabi: Residents will be expected to abide by new rules as Abu Dhabi switches to a new paid parking schedule that is to be enforced immediately after the Eid Al Fitr holidays.

“Extending the paid parking hours until midnight will result in a more efficient utilisation of parking space, so it can be beneficial to a bigger number of users,” said Mohammad Nasser Al Otaiba, general manager of Mawaqif at the Department of Transport.

“Since the launch of Mawaqif and within a short period, we achieved a noticeable improvement in the usage of parking spaces; [this has] positively impacted the lives of visitors and residents in Abu Dhabi. Also, we received positive feedback in areas where Mawaqif has been implemented,” Al Otaiba added in an earlier statement.

With the month of Ramadan drawing to a close, residents gave mixed signals on the impending change in the paid parking schedule.

Some residents felt the two-hour paid parking extension hardly helped those wanting to go for a drive in the evenings since they were unlikely to find parking spaces when they returned. “My outings are highly determined by parking availability,” said Hassan Abu Jamei, 26, a petrophysicist.

“Parking is not easier because of the reduced number of possible parking spaces in a given area relative to the way it was before the implementation of the Mawaqif system. It is much more difficult for shoppers and visitors as well” he added.

Those with parking permits were not as concerned about the change of timings but were hoping to find more spaces once the transition takes place.

“I have a full-day permit worth Dh15, so these changes do not really affect me,” said Palestinian resident Mohammad Fateh Allah, 24, who works as a product specialist. “On the contrary, I believe that the changes will make a positive difference and save a lot of time for me to find a spot. Besides, others will only have to pay a few extra dirhams.”

Others such as N.S, 25, said that a concerted public information campaign would help in a smoother transition. “If you happen to miss the announcement, you have to hear it through word of mouth which is rarely accurate. I think this is why many people get bothered,” she added.

Samer Ebrahim Haddad, who parks his car far from his house in an area where parking is free, said the changes were unlikely to affect him much. “I am lucky that my university does not have paid parking. But on days that I used to pay Dh6, I will now pay Dh10 and despite that sounding like a small amount, the difference is big especially since many machines do not accept quarters and halves which keeps me constantly low on change,” said Samer Ebrahim Haddad, 21, a university student from Iraq.

— With inputs by Tamara Suleiman, intern at Gulf News

Do you plan your social life based on the paid parking hours in your residential area? Are you facing any problems due to the extended paid parking hours?

  • Ali Khan

    Aug 14, 2012 2:29

    Officers please increase the Parking place then implement new rules inParking system,we're paying for parking but finding parking is verydifficult.

  • Red

    Aug 14, 2012 2:17

    Adding charged parking hours till midnight is never the solution toparking problems. This will be additional stress to car owners who fromas early as 8pm can no longer find parking what more at midnight. Mostof us wants to retire early after a hard days work, specially if youhave to rise up very early in the morning for school and work. Addingmulti- level parkings is the only logical solution.

  • Jonathan

    Aug 14, 2012 1:53

    How come an additional parking fee considered as beneficial for thepeople? I'd rather walk a few steps finding parking away from my housethan paying an extra for the extended hours... Dear Mawaqif, I believethere are a lot of other solution to parking problem ...

  • Shahid

    Aug 14, 2012 1:49

    i dont know why people are supporting all these systems. its reallyhurting common people in Abudhabi. And some people toldthat time will not waste due to this parking system, but actually due tothe huge lack of parking spaces people have to roam around at least halfan hour to find a parking near by their residence. Is this wasting timeor?? Some people have to pay a good percentage of their salary for theparking which they are earned by working in 40-50 degree Celsius daily.Some times to spend for unwanted fines from hidden cameras. Actuallythere should be a warning board before each camera even it is permanentor temporary, but this is actually not following. It is the intl rule.

  • gopalakrishnan

    Aug 14, 2012 12:36

    Dear officers, We appreciate mawaqif's effort to implement the rules of parking. This has reduced lot of mess on the parking places. But at the same time they did not ensure that there is enough parking lots or not.We are in tourist club area, behind salam street/ al ferdous tower. We cannot find parking after 9 pm, Even though we have residence permit, we have to use taxis leaving our cars in the parkings. othervise we have tosearch for parking for hours. please ensure that according to the residence permits issued, there is parking available. Thanks

  • anonymous

    Aug 14, 2012 12:13

    mawaqif should find and develop more parking spaces that arebeneficial to the car owners. All motorists are willing to pay parking fees, but the difficult part is looking for a place to park their cars. I think it will not help in the ongoing situation that motorists are tackling.

  • steve

    Aug 14, 2012 12:13

    I do not understand the parking system of Abu Dhabi. Here all emirates follow the same international parking system except Abu Dhabi. For the past 3 years, each visitto Abu Dhabi costs me around Dh800-1200 in fines simply without any reason!!!.

  • anonymous

    Aug 14, 2012 12:07

    First provide enough parking spaces compared to existing and further cars being sold.

  • Imran

    Aug 14, 2012 11:35

    soon people will leave the cars, and will travel on buses, and will find more affordable to use a taxi. what time one can sleep, and wakeup? most of the time you spend just only finding parking, and then also pay good amount for parking your car. people will never stop parking cars, the problem is lack of places for parking, no parking plaza, orlots. They can build the parking plaza, so this problem can be solved. i hope this can be taken seriously and build some parking plaza so all type people can takebenefit, not all have high salaries... as 2020 Abu Dhabi vision it should be included to make big parking space, and start some extra from - to city, just in case if its far from city.. many things possible forimprovements.. thanks

  • B Singh

    Aug 14, 2012 11:28

    When I moved to Abu Dhabi, I was surprised to see many buildings without their own underground parking. If all these high rise buildings had their own parking at least one or two levels, surely this much need or cry for parking will not be there. Authorities should pay attention toconstruction of buildings with underground parkings at least for the new ones. Its better late than never.

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Officers please increase the Parking place then implement new rules inParking system,we're paying for parking but finding parking is verydifficult.

Ali Khan

14 August 2012 15:37jump to comments