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Traditional dishes at risk

Foreign tastes replace home-cooked classics.

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London: Dozens of traditional British dishes face culinary extinction because few people cook them at home any more.

Classics such as spotted dick and beef wellington are fast being supplanted by foreign invaders including lasagne and curry, according to a survey.

It predicts these recipes will be no more than quaint museum pieces by 2021.

Mandy Minichiello, spokeswoman for, which commissioned the survey of 1,000 people, said: "Changes in diet, ethnic trends, the popularity of eating out and a time-pressured generation are all reasons."

Top of the endangered list is spotted dick, a suet pudding with dried fruit that can be traced to the early 19th century.

Beef wellington - a fillet steak cooked in mushrooms and pastry and invented as a tribute after the Battle of Waterloo - is second. Coronation chicken, invented in 1953, is also under threat: it involves mixing cold chicken pieces with a mayonnaise and curry sauce.

Also struggling are jam roly-poly, steak and kidney pie, sherry trifle, bread-and-butter pudding, toad in the hole, fish pie and Lancashire hot-pot.

They are being ousted by spaghetti bolognese, curry, lasagne, chilli con carne and fajitas.