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Arab Perspective on the war

If today's generations, who didn't witness the Second World War years, would like to find out about Nazi cruelty, all they have to do is take a look at the many scenes of killings and destruction orchestrated by the Israeli war machine.

  • By Manal Alafrangi, Staff Writer
  • Published: 00:00 July 16, 2006
  • Gulf News

Al Bayan (UAE), editorial
If today's generations, who didn't witness the Second World War years, would like to find out about Nazi cruelty, all they have to do is take a look at the many scenes of killings and destruction orchestrated by the Israeli war machine. We do not exaggerate when we say that what the [Israeli] killers and manslayers are doing in Lebanon and Occupied Palestine surpasses Nazi crimes (where hundreds of Nazi war criminals belonging to Hitler's army were punished for following WWII). And despite this, not a single Israeli war criminal was punished for their crimes.

Asharq Alawsat (UK-based), comment by Tarek Al Hamid
His Highness president Ali Abdullah Saleh is calling for an Arab League Summit to take place in the nearest instance to discuss Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Palestine and move towards a unified agreement on Arab defense. This means that the Arab world should declare war, even though the agreement for the Arab League emphasizes the absolute necessity for all Arab countries to agree on this. Mr Hasan Nasrallah, the current Hezbollah Chief, who announced that he did not discuss his operation with the Lebanese government, says that he is not waiting for anyone's assistance ... Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said that Hezbollah made a tactical error when they 'kidnapped' the two Israeli soldiers and the Lebanese people are now screaming: what is our fault and who dragged us into this? Then how can the Arab world call for an emergency summit?

Al seyassah (Kuwait), comment by Ahmad Al Jar Allah
The Lebanese politicians have not been able to face their people and tell them that they don't support Nasrallah's choices of war and peace, despite all the destruction and obliteration caused by Israeli attacks. They haven't shared with their people that they don't agree with Nasrallah's stealing of the country's rights and his command over the entire population in an attempt to gain support for his plans. Those politicians are like the muted devils; silent about their true feelings. Either they are afraid of jeopardizing their popularity which is based on resisting Israel (no longer relevant) or they are afraid of having their popularity lost amongst the rabble and their own mess. Theses are politicians who still don't know the Lebanese public opinion. If there had been opinion polls, then those politicians would realize that the people are distressed over the political divisions.

Addustour (Jordan), editorial
We (in Jordan) will not allow anyone to force us to choose between Hezbollah and Israel. And we don't choose Israel under any circumstances. This is because Jordan (more than any other country) realizes the dangers that come from Israel who is an enemy of peace. Jordan is aware of the game and the 'powers' that don't care enough to prevent Lebanon and other countries from being an Arab theatre competing for "regional dominance". For that, Jordan takes the suitable position against everyone including Israel which has been working on creating an opportunity to push its own agenda and push Western nations to 'clear' anything that might pose threats in the next fifty years - benefiting from their militaristic power and the regional circumstances, including Iraq.

Assafir (Lebanon), comment by Omar Kosh
This is an aggressive war regardless of any regional calculations or Hezbollah calculations with regards to the operation of capturing the two Israeli soldiers. And in spite of the fact that Hezbollah acts according to a Syrian or Iranian agenda, the war is hostile because the basis for this problem is Israeli occupation and Israeli willingness to carry out policies of arrogance, which also applies for Palestine and Iraq. US president George W. Bush's declaration that Israel has a right to defend herself is not true; the occupier is always the initiator of any aggression; no one believes the US president - especially when he called on Israel not to "weaken the Lebanese government" ... the president knows that his limitless support for Israeli arrogance and its destructive machine is a direct threat to Lebanon's independence which is the same independence he focused on during the Syrian presence in Lebanon.

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