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Egyptian constitutional declaration ‘temporary’

Declaration stipulated that all laws issued by Mursi were final and uncontestable

  • IANS
  • Published: 11:20 November 26, 2012
  • Gulf News

Cairo: The Egyptian presidency has announced the constitutional declaration issued by President Mohammad Mursi Thursday is temporary and not permanent, state run TV reported on Sunday.

According to the new constitutional declaration, all laws, decrees and constitutional declarations issued by Mursi since he came into office on June 30 are final and unchallengeable by anybody.

Mursi’s Thursday declaration caused a new round of violence and protests across Egypt, for it would enable him to dominate the political arena, Xinhua reported.

As to the Constitutional Assembly, the declaration noted the new draft constitution would be formed within a maximum period of eight months, instead of six, from the date of the assembly’s formation, which meant the new declaration extended the period of drafting for another two months, until February 2013.

No judicial body is entitled to dissolve the Shura Council (upper house) or the Constituent Assembly, the declaration stated.

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