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Israel strikes Syria from Lebanese airspace

Damascus residents reported on social media hearing loud blasts around 2am

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Damascus: Israeli regime jets fired two missiles from Lebanese airspace towards the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus early on Wednesday, the official Syrian news agency said, in a strike on an unknown target that caused loud explosions.

The news agency, SANA, said the missiles struck the Sabboura area, west of Damascus, and did not cause any casualties. Citing an unnamed military source, SANA did not specify what the missiles struck. Damascus residents reported on social media hearing loud blasts around 2am.

The Israeli military declined to comment, but the Israeli regime is widely believed to have carried out a number of air strikes in Syria in the past few years that have ostensibly targeted advanced weapons systems, including Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles and Iranian-made missiles. The arms are believed to be destined for the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah militant group, a close ally of the Syrian government and a fierce enemy of Israel.

The strikes come days after Israeli aircraft hit a machine gun-mounted vehicle inside Syria, allegedly killing four Daesh-affiliated militants inside after they opened fire on a military patrol on the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights. The violence appeared to be a rare case of an intentional shooting ambush by Daesh militants targeting Israeli troops.

The Israeli regime has been largely unaffected by the Syrian civil war raging next door, suffering only sporadic incidents of spillover fire over the frontier that Israel has generally dismissed as tactical errors of Al Assad regime. Israel has responded to these cases lightly, with limited reprisals on Syrian positions in response to the errant fire.