Turkey continues Iraq assault

The Turkish military bombs northern Iraq for a second day, with the prime minister defending it as their "right".

Image Credit:Reuters
Turkish Army tanks roll in the southeastern town of Silopi on the Turkish-Iraqi border.
Gulf News

Baghdad: Turkish fighter jets bombed northern Iraq for a second day on Sunday to root out Kurdish rebels in the area, a security forces spokesman said.

Speaking on behalf of Kurdishan's Peshmerga forces, Jabar Yawar said the jets bombed an area north of Irbil near the border with Turkey.

The bombing lasted for more than an hour and there were no immediate reports of casualties, Yawar said.

When asked about reports of a fresh cross-border attack, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "We are using our nation's natural right under international law."

US ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker said before Sunday's attack that the US recognises Turkey's right to defend itself but asked the nation not to endanger Iraq's stability.

"None of us wants to see operations pursued in a manner that can threaten basic stability inside Iraq," Crocker said.

On Saturday, Turkey staged its third cross-border operation against rebels in Iraq in less than a week.