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Yemen ruling party and opposition trade accusations

Abdul Ghaleb Al Audiani, the opposition spokesmen, denied that the JMP has worked against the GCC deal

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Sana'a: The party of the outgoing president Ali Abdullah Saleh and the opposition's coalition, the Joint Meeting Party( JMP) are resuming leveling accusations over stalling on implementation of the GCC peace deal as thousands of anti-regime protesters from Taiz continued marching to the capital.

Abdul Ghaleb Al Audiani, the opposition spokesmen, denied that the JMP has worked against the GCC deal. "We nominated a prime minister, sent the names of our members in the military committee and we expressed our full support to the vice president as a presidential candidate." he told Gulf News.

Saleh's party accused the opposition, who split the unity government with the opposition of not being committed to the practical mechanism of the deal and dragging their feet over some terms of the deal like removing protesters from the streets and halting a media campaign against the ruling party. Al Audiani said that the opposition cannot remove protesters from the streets since they practice a right guaranteed by the Yemen constitution, UN's 2014 resolution and the terms of the GCC deal. "The military committee is only responsible for pointing fingers at those who do not comply with deal on the ground."

On Thursday, the Ruling Congress Party posted a statement on its website, threatening to reconsider commitments to the GCC deal if the JMP continued breaching the deal.

"The JMP-run media and their senior leaders have kept issuing remarks denying the deal and the UN resolution and inciting their followers to arrange protests . They did not also remove their armed militiamen and barricades from the streets. The opposition's MPs are still boycotting parliament," the statement said.

Masses of anti-regime protesters, who left the city of Taez Tuesday defied the country's cold weather in the mountainous areas and marched to the capital, to demand President Ali Abdullah Saleh face trial for killing hundreds of protesters during 11 months of demonstrations against his regime.

An activist from the march told Gulf News that the protesters would be joined by thousands of people in the capital and they will march to the parliament to press that it not pass a law offering Saleh immunity from prosecution.

"We will go together with our brothers and sisters in the capital and will head to the parliament. We will also arrange protesters in Sabaeen street in front of the presidential palace. We will not come back to Taez until the rest of the revolution's demands are met," the activist who did not wish to be identified said.