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Gulf News readers' phones reflect their priorities

The prestige of an iPhone, the flexibility of an Android, the functionality of a BlackBerry or the stability of a Symbian — what is your phone personality?

  • By Huda Tabrez, Community Web Editor
  • Published: 18:46 October 18, 2010

Apeksha Deshpande and Huzaifa Fadal Abbas
  • Image Credit: Supplied
  • Apeksha Deshpande and Huzaifa Fadal Abbas.

Dubai: The prestige of an iPhone, the flexibility of an Android, the functionality of a BlackBerry or the stability of a Symbian — what is your phone personality?

Gulf News spoke to readers to find out how their choice of phone reflects who they are, their style of communication and how they viewed the world around them.

Apeksha Deshpande, a 23-year-old finance executive, has been using an iPhone for over a year and is "superhappy" with her choice.

She said: "It is the right phone for me; I felt it from the start. I listen to music throughout the day, and emails don't matter much to me, I just want my music. Also, the interface on the iPhone responds very well, and the phone is serving my purpose of calling and messaging."

For 26-year-old accountant and active Tweeter, Salman Khan, connectivity is of prime importance.

He said: "I was introduced to Android phones almost a year ago by a cousin, and got it because at that time nobody in the UAE had an Android-based phone."

Being a self-claimed technology fanatic, having just the right options on his phone is a priority for Khan. He has gone on to upgrade his phone to the latest software, get a more convenient keyboard and upgrade the memory to meet his requirements.

Huzaifa Fadal Abbas, a 26-year-old businessman, has had a taste of all the worlds — having owned phones in all the four categories. He went on to choose the iPhone, saying: "The interface is pretty good, its touch sensitivity is unmatched, even compared to Android. Apart from the vast variety of applications that it has, I bought the iPhone to stand out from the crowd when it was launched three years ago. Now, even though it has become popular, I like to stay technologically updated, and the iPhone is the 'in thing' right now."

However, for 23-year-old Hiba Al Rubaie, the functionality of a BlackBerry beat the cumbersome experience of typing on a touch screen.

"I am a person who likes to message and communicate a lot with people. I have a lot of friends abroad and the amount of money I would spend in a day talking to my friends now actually lasts me for a month," the advertising professional told the newspaper.

However, the browsing experience on the BlackBerry pushed businessman, Huzaifa Shabbir Kalimi, away from it. His weapon of choice is an iPhone as it lets him access documents on his computer as well as keep him up-to-date through social media networks.

The 28-year-old said: "I am an internet junkie who requires access all the time, needs to be able to look at his computer, check emails, messages and be updated all the time. The iPhone gives you a richer experience, looks better and provides more functionality and ease. Also, the screen is gorgeous."

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