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Kulluna Khalifa

Kulluna Khalifa event leaves residents with sense of nationalism on the eve of 39th UAE National Day

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  1. Added 15:31 December 2, 2010

    Come December and the glamorous city of Dubai prepares to celebrate yet another festival. Every one is decked up and ready for the day today. The UAE National Day holds an important place in Dubai's annual calendar as it indicates the day that British colonial rule ended, making it a significant day in history, hence calling for a celebration in style. Dubai is a city of festivals. Glitter, glamor and celebration are part of Dubai's culture and the UAE National Day, a celebration of patriotism and honour is one of the leading events in this city of festivals. Thus, the festivals of the National Day are held with great enthusiasm with the participation of locals as well as foreigners. As the air fills with merriment, the public is afforded easy access to all the great monuments in the city of Dubai, and the popular attractions are given a high note of festive mood as events in celebration of this great day adorn the sights. A festival of song, dance and great celebration, the National Day is also one of the great opportunities to witness the rich culture and aesthetic side of this Middle Eastern oasis. I am very thrilled and delighted to be a part of the Kulluna Khalifa as Ii was born and bought up in Dubai for the past 28 years. On this day i would like to congratulate all the Leaders for their Power, innovation, Hard work , loyalty and support.All the best Dubai and Keep moving.Dubai Cares and the city of Gold.

    Mathew Litty, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 14:15 December 2, 2010

    Hey UAE a big SALAM to everybody.....................wish u HAPPY"" NATIONAL DAY"".

    Mahesh Chatani, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 11:15 December 2, 2010

    was glad to be able to attend this event.. i maybe an expat here in UAE but this is second home. can't help but be teary eyed in some parts. was one in the crowd wearing a UAE cap! (though still very much proud to PINOY!) it's there i made a realization that UAE has given us opportunities to make our lives much better.. and the only way to make it a happy place for us is to be thankful and love the country so it will love us back! :) i just hope that the messages they gave on that night are not just for the celebration... but hope the leaders and the authorities will live up to it. Happy 39th National Day, UAE!

    Emma Almeria, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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