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UAE has so much to offer tourists

The UAE, since its formation in the 1970s until today, is in perpetual movement to translate its dream to be one of the most glamorous and demanding spots in the world.

  • By Fatma Salem, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 April 17, 2010
  • Gulf News

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  • The undulating range at the foothills of Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain is the UAE's highest mountain and has taken the shape of a beautiful tourist resort called Green Mubazzara. It attracts tourists from all over the UAE and neighbouring countries.

Dubai: Prior to the millennium, the UAE was the most attractive destination among all Arab countries. However, the country's long-term vision is to be a top destination internationally.

The nation is counting on its rich culture and resources and well-studied long-term plan to do this.

The UAE, since its formation in the 1970s until today, is in perpetual movement to translate its dream to be one of the most glamorous and demanding spots in the world.

Therefore the seven Emirates haven't spared an effort to remain constantly renewed and equipped by the up to minute knowledge and furnished by the newest features that enabled the country to meet the international standards.


Abu Dhabi is famously known as the Garden City of the Gulf. It has a contemporary infrastructure made up of the highways, air and sea ports and telecommunication systems. It also has a series of advanced entertainment spots as well as the fabulous chain of luxury in its shopping malls, five-star hotels and resorts and restaurants.

All these features have essentially turned the emirate into a vibrant destination.

Abu Dhabi offers visitors a variety of choices in green parks, clean beaches, a range of marine and sports as well as amazing trips in the desert.

Tourists can also visit the oasis city in Al Ain and enjoy a sightseeing tour to archaeological and leisure sites such as Al Hili Fun City, Ain Al Faydha Resort, Al Jahili Fort or the National Museum.

On the other hand, the emirate is currently adding an extra artistic attraction — the well-designed branches of Guggenheim and Louvre Museums to be launched soon.

Tourist destination

Dubai an ideal tourist destination and a prospering commercial hub. This emirate is determined to be the first in everything.

It is the destination of the elites and A-list celebrities. Its futuristic in its stunning architecture — like the recently launched miracle of Burj Khalifa.

Another piece of art is the dhow sail-shaped building called Burj Al Arab. Dubai provides superlative entertainment has iconic shopping malls.

The rest of the Northern Emirates such as Fujairah is locally known for water springs, cold and warm. The emirate has a natural beauty seen in its mountains, Oases, waterfalls, and long beaches.

Ain Al Ghamour is a tourist attrraction where the spring water reaches 60 degrees centigrade. People also visit to seek cures for diseases like rheumatism, backache and arthritis.

Ras Al Khamiah is formerly known as Julfar. The emirate is famous for its natural and attractive sites like mountains, fertile lands, sandy deserts, coastal areas and meadows. It has also has diverse and rich historical locations.

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