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Filipinos get free training programme

Filipino architects and amateur designers wanting to brush up their technical drawing skills can now do it for free in Dubai.

  • By A Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 December 22, 2002
  • Gulf News

Filipino architects and amateur designers wanting to brush up their technical drawing skills can now do it for free in Dubai.

A 10-week course, with extensive hands-on seminars in AutoCAD, has been opened as a weekend course at the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Dubai.

The 20-hour training is the brainchild of Dante Delizo, Vice President of Filipino Association for Computer Excellence (FACE), under the aegis of the Philippine diplomatic mission in Dubai.

FACE is one of the groups offering free technical courses to Filipinos in Dubai and Northern Emirates. "This programme aims to help fellow overseas workers who seek to gain knowledge and career advancement in the field of engineering, using the latest technology in drafting and design," explained Delizo.

"It gives them the opportunity to be more competitive. The certificate they will earn through this training will make them more 'marketable' and help in their career plans," the association official added.

The pool of AutoCAD trainers include Butch Amosco, Cathy Villapena and Jess Bugarin, who helped design the course. While students need not be technically oriented, the course needs some familiarity with technical drawing.

"With proper instructions and guidelines from the trainers, participants have been able to familiarise themselves with the procedures of AutoCAD and sketch simple plans," the association official said. The first batch of AutoCAD class has 45 students and will end on December 26, in an award ceremony at the Metropolitan Palace Hotel.

Philippine Vice Consul, Ma. Louella C. Duarte, Labour Attache to Dubai, Carmelita Arriola, and Welfare Supervisor, Ferdinand Roxas will all attend the ceremony. Leo Verdolaga, an architect with a multinational company, will be the resource speaker. The next batch will commence around end of January, according to Delizo.

FACE is one of the most active community organisations in the UAE which offers tuiton-free courses in Dubai and other Northern Emirates through the "bayanihan" (mutual help) way, a typically Filipino trait.

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