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Cheetah found roaming the streets of Abu Dhabi

Authorities on alert after injured cheetah is found roaming the streets of Abu Dhabi

  • By Dina El Shammaa, Abu Dhabi Deputy Editor
  • Published: 10:13 May 29, 2011

Abu Dhabi authorities capture an injured cheetah
  • Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News
  • Authorities have captured an injured cheetah that was found roaming the streets of Karama in Abu Dhabi on Sunday morning.
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Abu Dhabi: A badly injured cheetah has been found roaming the streets of Karama in Abu Dhabi on Sunday morning.

Residents in the area contacted the Khaldiyah Police Station, which liased with the Abu Dhabi Municipality to try to trap the cheetah.

The municipality, with the assistance of a pest control company, reached the scene where the cheetah was found, and trapped the animal, which has described as “badly injured” by an animal activist and director of the Abu Dhabi Wild Life Centre, Ronel Smutts.

Smutts said the centre's veterinarian has been sent to the scene to check the animal’s condition.

“My vet is currently at the police station to assist and try to treat the badly injured cheetah. The pest control people do not have the experience to handle these animal,” Smutts told Gulf News.

Raghad, another animal activist, was the first person to receive a phone call by a witness who spotted the cheetah roaming the streets on Sunday morning.

Raghad told Gulf News that the cheetah had already been caught, and is currently caged inside a truck, however “there is not enough ventilation and the cheetah is injured,” she said. 

Gulf News is still investigating how the injured cheetah ended up in the streets of Abu Dhabi.

Video: Cheetah in Abu Dhabi

An animal activist captures footage of an injured cheetah that was found roaming the streets of the UAE capital.

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