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Benefits of living in the UAE

The country provides its residents safety, security and also a cosmopolitan lifestyle

  • By Fatma Salem, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 December 10, 2010
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: HADRIAN HERNANDEZ/Gulf News
  • Shoppers at the Deira City Centre in Dubai. The UAE is today home to more than 197 nationalities, and the number is rising.

Dubai: The late Shaikh Zayed's vision allowed the UAE to chart its course judiciously. He did not save any effort to reshape and modernise all aspects of the UAE.

Thanks to his efforts, the UAE is today home to more than 197 nationalities, according to statistics, and the number is rising with many ethnic and culturally diverse groups arriving in the country.

People of various religions coexist peacefully under the open system of the UAE, while the country retains its progressive and moderate Islamic values and preserves Arabic as the official language.

The advantages

The UAE provides all the economic and social benefits that people dream of.

The country provides its residents safety, security and also a cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is also able to create new jobs thanks to the various projects coming up on a yearly basis.

This attractive package has made the Emirates a global magnet that attracts people from various nations who want a taste of the country's advanced lifestyle. On the other hand, the generosity and hospitality of Emiratis have also played a vital role and made the government's mission of making the country a global destination even easier.

Emiratis are known for welcoming and living with others in cooperation and are very much attached to their values. The more they open to other cultures the more they feel proud of their national identity. This has earned them the respect of the world.

Today, the UAE's policy-makers are moving forward to execute the vision of its founders. The country is working hard towards becoming one of the best destinations in the world by 2021, according to the UAE Cabinet.

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