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Iranian woman arrested as partner dies during sex

A one-night stand proves fatal for visitor; woman in police custody faces one year in prison

  • By Salam Al Amir, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 June 3, 2010

Dubai: Dubai Police has arrested an Iranian woman after a man suffered a fatal heart attack while having sex with her in a five-star hotel near Al Garhoud bridge in Dubai.

Body found naked

A.H.'s body was found naked in his hotel's bedroom on May 25. Prosecution sources said the 47-year-old man, an Iranian visitor, was in Dubai to attend an exhibition with five other business associates.

On the last day of his trip, he met S.A., 29, at a nightclub. The two hit it off and S.A., who arrived in the UAE on a visit visa recently, agreed to accompany him to his hotel room and have sex, sources said.

After reaching the room, the two undressed and got intimate. In the heat of the passionate moment, A.H. started complaining of chest pain, S.A told the police, recalling the turn of events on that fateful night. A.H.'s pain worsened. He rolled over onto his back and lay still, she said.

Alarmed, S.A. ran out, screaming for help. Getting no response, she returned to the room, got dressed and alerted the security guards in the hotel's lobby.

A police patrol rushed to the hotel around 6am on Thursday, May 26, and A.H.'s body was referred to forensics.

Autopsy requested

Preliminary tests revealed that he suffered from a heart condition and had undergone open heart surgery recently as the scars were still fresh on his chest, the sources said, adding that reports attributed the cause of death to coronary artery failure.

The prosecution requested an autopsy and is still waiting for a report to confirm the man's heart condition and cause of death.

Following the receipt of this report, the woman will be referred to the Misdemeanours Court on charges of having sex outside marriage.

If convicted, the woman may face up to one year in prison followed by deportation.

Comments (3)

  1. Added 19:09 June 3, 2010

    I don’t understand why you highlighted this article on your cover page? And why go into such in-depth details? Based on the UAE's cultural and religious values, is it appropriate to mention an article on sex on your front page?

    Aref, Dubai , United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 15:33 June 3, 2010

    Please do not punish the woman as it may deter others from calling emergency help in similar cases. This woman could have left the room without alerting the hotel security and may have saved herself from possible incarceration. However, she chose to alert the security so as to help save the man’s life. Deport her if you want, but please do not imprison her.

    Leyla, Ankara, Turkey

  3. Added 15:07 June 3, 2010

    Do you really think this type of information is appropriate in a newspaper -- “After reaching the room, the two undressed and got intimate. In the heat of the passionate moment…”? Very wrong use of words... please change.

    Irfan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates