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Commuters should treat buses with care

Commuters get comfortable on the Abu Dhabi green buses without keeping cleanliness in mind

  • By Eric Sapurna, Gulf News Reader
  • Published: 15:52 August 12, 2012
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Eric Sapurna
  • Gulf News reader Eric Sapurna said he was horrified to see passengers placing their feet on the seats in public buses.
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There goes a saying: “There’s no place like home”. The two men pictured in my photographs made me think of that when I saw them on the green public bus. Green buses in Abu Dhabi give us access to every place in the city proper of Abu Dhabi and its suburbs. This is the main mode of transportation, if I may say so, taxis are more convenient if you don’t worry about the fare.

What surprised me a lot is that after people got off and a few commuters were left inside the bus, some passengers got more comfortable, like they were at home on their sofa and having the ride of their lives.

I took photographs of two passengers and tried to see if they were aware of the way they were sitting.

The first person did not care, while the second man folded his legs on to the seat and looked out of the window like it was his private car or jet plane.

The issue here is the maintenance of cleanliness in our buses. I think we should apply the idea of “there’s no place like home” by considering these buses as our home and keeping them neat and tidy.

The passengers placing their feet on the seats really horrified me. There must be proper utilisation of public transport and we must educate commuters with posters inside the bus or through a message shown on monitors.

Since my arrival in the UAE in 2007, Abu Dhabi has offered relief to many commuters. I think we must love and take care of the buses that are taking us everywhere, especially when we need to be economical.


The reader works and resides in Abu Dhabi


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  1. Added 13:26 August 13, 2012

    what is this? i thought people were seriously making the bus unpleasent like drawing stuff onto the seats or the walls of the bus or littering... this (i personally think) isnt a big problem...

    Mara, Helsinki, Finland

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