Woman to remarry same night, same place as ex-husband

Saudi woman to remarry same night, same place after former beau decides to marry her relative


Manama: A Saudi divorcee will marry again at the same time as her ex-husband and at a venue adjacent to the one where he is hosting his reception.

According to a report in local Arabic daily Al Jazeera, the woman, in her 30s, had refused to take a new husband after her divorce despite a proposal from a man who had requested to marry her before her unfortunate marriage.

She attributed her refusal to take a new man in her life to the hope that her ex-husband might change his mind and re-marry her.

But she was shocked to learn that her former husband was about to marry one of her relatives.

Following a flurry of inquiries, she confirmed the news.

Facing the new facts, the woman told the man madly in love with her that she was willing to marry him, but demanded that the marriage ceremony be held on the same evening as the wedding reception of her former husband and in the same area.

Most readers’ comments condemned the woman for her “revenge-driven” attitudes rather than “positive, forward-looking mindset”.

“There is no love here,” one comment read. “It is all about exacting revenge and challenging the former husband. The new husband seems to have no place in her heart.”

Adwani, a blogger, attributed the woman’s attitude to the strong effect of Turkish drama on Arab viewers.

“Obviously this woman has been deeply influenced by the dramatic events unfolding on her television station,” he posted. “She wanted to live one of them.”

However, some comments praised the woman for her “courage.”

“I admire this type of woman,” Al Faleh posted. “She has a strong character and may God guide her always. I admire women who do not give up their rights and who know how to handle a situation when they are unfairly treated. I am sure she had suffered at the hands of her former husband.”

Ali said that he failed to understand the woman’s feelings.

“I wonder whether it is strong love for her former husband that is driving her to be physically close to him even though they are taking new spouses,” the blogger posted. “Or is it a strong sense of revenge by a woman who felt she had been unfairly hurt? The story simply cannot end here.”

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  • singh

    24-Aug-2013 17:57

    Go girl go! its what you call Girl Power

  • Sanam Malik

    24-Aug-2013 17:07

    The story seems concocted to create hero-villain binaries as it missesimportant details. For example, It would be interesting to learn aboutthe nature of the first marriage and how the man in love with the womanfeels about her recent choices before reaching any conclusion. Whethershe is courageous or revengeful boil down to mere speculations.

  • Ahmad

    24-Aug-2013 16:40

    It would be nice if it is in the same venue and if one can change thesign-boards on the day of the wedding so that the ex-husband would walkinto the wedding hall of his ex-wife instead of the new wife!! LOL!!!!

  • M Kamal

    24-Aug-2013 13:12

    Most of the comments, whether in favor or against this woman, are stereotyped, one sided, it’s all about this woman. I am not sure whetheror not someone has commented about what the husband has done. I wouldadmire any woman who can stand up and speak for her rights. Her reactionis objectionable to some but what about the husband’s action ofmarrying another woman?

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Go girl go! its what you call Girl Power


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