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Bahrain says it busted terror cell

Fake bombs placed on vital roads to cause panic

  • Gulf News Report
  • Published: 19:19 November 20, 2012
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Habib Toumi /Gulf News
  • A fake bomb was found in the home of one of the suspects

Dubai Bahrain on Tuesday said that it has arrested a homegrown terror cell after it placed fake bombs in various locations.

“The General Directorate of Crime Detection and Forensic Science has arrested a domestic terror cell that placed fake bombs in several crowded areas throughout Bahrain,” the General Director said. “This included placing the objects on vital roads, which caused traffic delays and spread fear among the public.”

A fake bomb was found in the home of one of the suspects when it was searched, he said, adding that all the suspects were referred to the Public Prosecutor.

The interior ministry urged anyone with any information on the incidents to call the police hotline, pledging that all calls would be treated as anonymous.

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