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Bahrain's commitment to legitimacy in Yemen reiterated

King Hamad pays tribute to successes by Bahraini youth and women

Manama: King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalifa said that the Palestinian issue was the top of Bahrain’s Arab priorities as the kingdom looked forward to a just and lasting solution.

“We also support the territorial integrity of Syria and the achievement of the aspirations of the Syrian people for security and stability, according to their free will, and in a way that helps Syria revert to its cultural heritage and role within the Arab world,” King Hamad said in his address as he opened the third session of the parliament whose members were elected and appointed in 2014.

“We will keep our commitment within the framework of the Arab Coalition until legitimacy is restored on all the territories of Yemen, the foreign illegal interference is ended, the suffering of the Yemeni people is alleviated and security and stability are restored. To achieve such an end, we are still ready to offer huge sacrifices,” he said.

Talking about domestic issues, King Hamad paid special tribute to the young leaders who have achieved tremendous athletic successes this year and to the women for their steady progress and laudable contributions to the nation-building process.

“The ongoing national achievements motivate us to pay tribute to the outstanding successes of competent Bahrainis in all areas, and specifically the recent achievements of the Bahraini youth in international forums and sports events and in which they won gold, silver and bronze medals and raised high the banner of our country. We do appreciate in this context the contributions of our young national and sports leaders as well as their fully dedicated endeavours to put under the international spotlight the bright and civilized image of Bahrain as a nation that embraces and promotes the values of tolerance and co-existence and supports dialogue among religions and cultures. Bahrain has succeeded in making the international community better aware of its capability to sustain and move forward with such values,” King Hamad said.

“Other dedicated efforts to elevate the status of the nation include the outstanding devotion and remarkable participation of Bahraini women in all areas. Such a commitment dates back to the 1920s and we fully appreciate and support it and we are keen on consolidating their presence and their achievements. On this occasion, we congratulate the Supreme Council for Women on the 15th anniversary of its establishment. We do appreciate its contributions that were built on the previous national efforts that supported the early roles of women. We also appreciate its endeavours to ensure the steady advances of women.”

The king said that security and development were closely entwined and that were needed to achieve sustainability. However, he warned of the ominous threats lurking in the region.

“Both security and development are facing extraordinary challenges that are an ominous threat to the identity, present and future of many peoples in the region. This requires that all forces in the international community to come together in order to confront terrorism, dry up its support and funding, and protect our homelands from all forms of aggression,” he said.