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Former Karachi mayor challenges Musharraf nomination

Naimutallah Khan accuses Pervez Musharraf of violating constitution

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Karachi: A former mayor of this metropolis on Saturday challenged the nomination of Pervez Musharraf in a constituency of this city accusing him of violating the constitution twice.

Naimutallah Khan was the mayor of Karachi from 2001 to 2005. Khan was the candidate from the national assembly constituency number 250 from where Musharraf also filed his nomination paper.

On Friday, the former president also faced rejection of his nomination paper in Kasur district where the election officials called him to appear in person instead of submitting papers through his representative.

Moreover, trouble was mounting for the former president as the Supreme Court of Pakistan admitted a petition against the retired general with regard to his committing a coup against the elected prime minister Nawaz Sharif in 1999.

He has also been charged with murdering a Baloch chieftain Akbar Bugti and slain leader Benazir Bhutto. In both the cases he was declared proclaimed absconder and non-bailable warrants were issued. However, before arriving in Pakistan after a four-year self exile, Musharraf obtained bails and they were extended further.

A three-member bench will hear the constitution petition against Musharraf that will be presided over by chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. The chief justice’s sacking by Musharraf sparked a movement led by lawyers and civil society and backed by opposition parties. The movement ultimately ended in the culmination of Musharraf’s presidential tenure in 2008.